18k Gold Ring That You Should Know

How much is an 18K gold ring? 18K gold ring price

18K gold rings are one of the most common jewelry items in the market, and are loved by many fashionable people. In the market, the price of some 18K gold rings is as low as a few hundred dollars, while others are as high as several thousand or tens of thousands of dollars.

The 18K gold ring is made of 18K gold material, and its price is also greatly affected by the value of the 18K gold material itself.

18K gold ring price

18K gold is an alloy made of 75% gold and 25% other metals. Its price is affected by the value of gold to a certain extent, generally 75% of the gold price. According to this calculation method, the current price of 18K gold Probably around 320/gram.

There are many colors of 18K gold, which are commonly used in jewelry making:

18K gold: 75% gold + nickel + silver + zinc, bright golden color;

18K rose gold: 75% gold + copper + silver + zinc, reddish;

18K white gold: 75% gold+silver+nickel+platinum+zinc or 75%+palladium, showing slightly bluish white, etc.;

18K gold, 18K white gold, and rose gold are all made of 18K gold. Since the production itself has labor costs and store operations also have marketing costs, the price of the finished 18K gold ring is not purely based on the material, and is generally quite higher, but 18K in different colors The value of gold is somewhat different.

For example, on the MW official website, the quotations for the same 18K gold, rose gold and 18K white gold rings are different, and the quotations for 18K white gold rings are more expensive.

18K gold ring price and style

The price of 18K gold rings is greatly affected by the style. The 18K gold rings launched by jewelry brands are roughly divided into plain rings and gemstones. Among them, the plain rings are only made of 18K gold, while the gemstones are usually inlaid with diamonds or other colored treasures. In terms of production costs, the 18K gold rings of gemstones are more expensive.

Can an 18K gold ring be worn in the shower?

Jewelry made of most materials is not recommended to get wet, let alone take a bath. 18K gold is a synthetic metal, its properties are not very stable, and it is prone to discoloration due to external influences, so can 18K gold rings be worn in the bath? Today we will discuss the precautions for wearing 18K gold rings.

1. It is best not to wear an 18k ring in the shower

18k gold is a composite of gold and other precious metals, and its properties are unstable. When you take a bath, it comes into contact with alkaline liquids such as shampoo, soap, and body wash. 18k gold rings are prone to reactions when they come into contact with these chemicals. It is relatively slow, but it will affect the color and quality of the metal surface in the long run. So it is not recommended that you wear an 18k ring in the shower.

The cleaning products used in bathing and shampooing have a certain lubricating effect. If you wash with a ring, it is likely to make your fingers greasy and cause the ring to fall off. An 18K gold diamond ring may shatter the diamond when it is dropped on the ground, and in the worst case, the ring may simply fall into the drain and be washed away.

Tip: In fact, it doesn’t matter to take an 18K gold ring once or twice to take a bath once or twice, but after washing, you must remember to dry the ring with cotton or paper towels.

2. 18K gold rings have fewer restrictions

18K gold rings are characterized by various colors. The common 18K gold can be divided into 18K white gold, 18K gold and 18K rose gold. If it is an 18K gold ring, even if it changes color, it will not look very messy, and it can be taken in the bath; but if it is 18K white gold, it will be electroplated with a layer of rhodium, which may fall off and reveal its true color (yellow) due to the influence of chemicals. White and yellow are very ugly.

18k gold ring wearing precautions

1. In the process of wearing an 18K gold ring, maintenance and cleaning are very important, which can keep the luster of the ring longer. But you must pay attention when cleaning 18K gold rings. Do not abuse cleaning agents with strong cleaning ability. You can use neutral detergents such as dish soap, which are milder.

2. After wearing the 18k gold ring for a long time, some small white spots will appear on the surface. At this time, we can put the ring on the alcohol lamp and bake it for a while, and then wipe it gently with a soft cloth to restore the luster.

3. Metal has the characteristic of thermal expansion and contraction. When an 18K gold ring is placed in an overheated environment, K gold will be affected by temperature changes, causing the metal to suddenly loosen or shrink. When wearing an 18 gold ring, you can pay attention to this situation. Try not to wear the ring in a sudden cold and hot environment. It is best to take it off and put it away properly.

In general, it is best not to shower with an 18K gold ring. The 18K gold ring should be kept properly when it is not worn, wipe it clean, and place it in a jewelry box or jewelry bag.


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