Colorful Moissanite Jewelry, Are You Ready For The Next Summer

Dazzling golden, transparent blue, fresh green, warm pink… Colorful colored diamonds are a “magic weapon” for dressing up in the hot summer. With the development of science and technology, moissanite diamond jewelry is more favored in the choice of colorful and novel colored diamond jewelry, moissanite fancy color diamond is becoming more and more sought after, and gradually becoming a new trend in the summer jewelry industry.

Different skins need to carefully select colored moissanite to match just right. White skin is suitable for wearing bright or dark moissanite to highlight the skin’s luster, black skin is suitable for wearing gorgeous colored moissanite jewelry to set off the skin tone, yellow skin is suitable for wearing green or purple moissanite to make the skin more radiant.

Colored moissanite is becoming more and more popular, because people have begun to have a new understanding of colored moissanite and gradually improve, and there is now the expression of people’s individual needs and fashion needs. People have diversified lifestyles, more and more fashionable and personalized things, pay more attention to fashion, and break through the concept of choosing moissanite jewelry to choose only one color diamond, and are more inclined to personalization. Colored moissanite stands out and is becoming more and more loved by young people.

The right moissanite jewelry matching, can play a plus role Oh, jewelry quality and texture is also very important, optimistic about a new and good-looking style, the workmanship is not fine, the gloss is not good, or there is a fading situation, so that it will be greatly discounted, but give people a feeling of not being delicate, choose a good moissanite supplier, quality will have a better guarantee.

MW Moissanite

MW Moissanite is a perfect choice. It’s more heat resistant than even diamonds, meaning that even if they were in a fire, they would still retain their sparkle and form. And since it has an extremely high level of brilliance and excellent light performance, it has much higher brilliance and fire than a diamond.

The hardness of moissanite is 9.25, it’s almost the same as diamond. Only for the diamond and moissanite, it can pass the diamond test. Each moissanite has its unique waist code, and it is certified by the international famous professional appraisal organization and the global gemstone Research Association (GRA).

It’s important to remember that moissanite is a stone in its own right and requires state-of-the-art technology, expertise and a high cost to synthesize it. It only costs about 10% of the price of a diamond. If you’re thinking in terms of investment, moissanite is a good choice as moissanite has retained its value over the past decades.


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