Custom Moissanite Rings, What Issues To Pay Attention To

With the continuous development of cultivated stones in recent years, jewelry customization has long ceased to be as luxurious as in the past. In recent years, more and more consumers like to customize moissanite wedding rings. But when choosing a custom ring, most people will pay too much attention to the quality and shape of moissanite, the material of the setting, and the style of the diamond ring. But few people pay attention to its inlay. In fact, different inlay processes have different roles and effects, and only by finding the right setting can the sparkle of the diamond ring be highlighted. Let’s take a look at what inlay techniques are in the moissanite diamond ring.

►Process 1: Prong setting process

The prong setting process involves grasping moissanite with slender precious metal prongs, usually four- or six-pronged, which are very strong and allow moissanite to protrude above the ring, making moissanite look radiant from any angle.

►Process 2: Bezel setting

The bezel setting process is a method of enclosing the part below the waist of moissanite in a metal bracket with a metal edge, and it is also a stronger setting method. The bezel setting makes moissanite shine and restrained, showing a peaceful and dignified temperament. When choosing jewelry with moissanite, be careful that the bottom of moissanite must not expose the metal bracket, otherwise it will scratch the skin.

►Process 3: Nail setting process

According to the number of nails, the nail setting is divided into two nail setting, three nail setting, four nail setting and pavé setting, pavé setting is also called group setting, group setting jewelry is gorgeous and dazzling, creating the visual effect of seeing only moissanite without gold. The process is to shovel out several small nails on the edge of the metal material to fix the setting method of moissanite.

►Process 4: Column setting process

The column setting process is to use a thin metal bar to separate each moissanite independently, the thickness of the thin column is uniform, the curve arc is consistent, and the column head is smooth, and it looks like a bright small ball from the top. This inlay belongs to the vintage style, gorgeous and rigorous.

►Process 5: Wall mounting process

Wall setting process, also known as card setting, clip setting, the use of metal tension to fix the waist of moissanite, this inlay method can show the full picture of moissanite to a greater extent, making people feel that moissanite seems to be suspended in the air, bringing a strong visual impact.

►Process 6: Track setting process

Also known as wall setting, it is a setting method that uses metal card slots to jam both sides of the waist of a gemstone. Round diamonds, princess square diamonds, rectangular diamonds, and ladder square drills can be used for group setting design, and beautiful diamonds appear in rows, meticulous and orderly.

Conclusion: The above is the editor’s information about what problems need to be paid attention to when customizing moissanite rings, if you know more about moissanite, please pay attention to our official website, we are waiting for your visit. If you need to buy moissanite jewelry, you can contact our customer service sister directly, she will provide you with a lot of professional advice to help you choose a more suitable moissanite jewelry ~~


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