Difference About Moissanite 18K White Gold And Moissanite Platinum

Over the years, I have always felt that platinum and moissanite are more perfect partners. Because the crystal clear moissanite set in pure white gold sets off the silvery white metallic luster, it is more brilliant. In the past two years, white gold moissanite jewelry has become a more popular jewelry. The following editor will take you to understand how to distinguish between 18K white gold and platinum, and what are the models.

▲Color method:

The PT950 is white with a slight gray tint, and the 18K white gold is white.

▲Hand throwing method:

Platinum density is 21.45, through the weight test of the same volume of material, platinum has a heavy feeling, it is heavier than gold (19.36), heavier than K white gold, and heavier than silver (10.45). The same style, the same size, the diamond size is not different, the jewelry of the different material, the PT950 material is heavier than the 18K material hand.

▲Melting method:

The melting point of platinum reaches 1773 °C, which is much higher than that of K white gold and silver. Ordinary welding guns cannot melt platinum, which can identify authenticity. And the color of platinum does not change after cooling.


Platinum jewelry has a standard stamp. Internationally, it is expressed by the word PT or PT, such as PT990 platinum, PT950 platinum, PT900 platinum. 18K gold jewelry will be marked with 18K, G750, AU750 and other related marks.

Generally, the purity of platinum jewelry is not indicated by a “K”. None of the white gold and K white gold jewelry sold on the market is platinum jewelry. When purchasing platinum jewelry, you should ask the operator to issue an invoice, write clearly on the invoice whether it is platinum or white 18K gold, and better indicate the weight of the jewelry, so that it is easier to claim in the event of fraud.

▲Low-key and restrained style:

The luster of platinum is not particularly brilliant, but combined with the brilliance of moissanite to appear dazzling, if you want to make a low-key and restrained ring style, you can often see in the design of men’s diamond rings, such as a subtle and restrained bezel style, chic and simple lines, there are not too many complicated designs, but often this type of jewelry style can endure and not be outdated.

▲Close to nature style:

This style not only refers to a fresh and indifferent style, but precisely shows the rough and wild side of nature, here platinum moissanite jewelry uses different colors of moissanite and platinum to design many exaggerated flowers, animals, plants and other shapes, the jewelry is relatively thick, so that the rough unique style is vividly expressed.

▲Distinguished and elegant style:

The combination of platinum and moissanite is also often used to design luxurious and brilliant jewelry styles. The design of this platinum moissanite jewelry is very large. Around the main moissanite is set many exquisite matching moissanite. Moissanite and moissanite, moissanite and platinum complement each other to create a luxurious and elegant style.


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