Does MW Have Pink Moissanite? What Color Is Best

Rings mean a lot when you get married. And in daily life, many couples will also give each other gifts, including rings, rings as a gift, even if they are bought for themselves, it is also very good, is a very good ornament, but now diamond rings are very expensive, so moissanite, an artificial diamond, moissanite is also very good-looking, so let’s take a look with the editor, is moissanite pink now? What is the best color of moissanite?

Does the moissanite diamond have a pink color now?

1, most of the white transparent color, and pink is currently available, but the number may be relatively small, pink series of moissanite, it represents sweetness, gentleness and innocence, represents the innocence of women, but also more noble, elegant.

2, what color, that is, the most difficult to distinguish the characteristics of moissanite, because the color of the diamond also affects its value. Especially some high-grade colors, the impact on the value is particularly obvious, then pink moissanite diamonds are also a better looking moissanite, the price of moissanite diamonds is currently 1 carat, about 5000 ~ 6000 or so. Compared to diamonds, it is still relatively favorable.

What color is the best moissanite

  1. Color is one of the most difficult characteristics of moissanite to distinguish, because it is not as direct as the cut can be measured, nor is it like his purity, which can be observed directly with the naked eye, but the color requires a very experienced appraiser to identify.
  2. Its color is from D to Z has 23 grades, that is to say, from colorless transparent color to yellow or brown, the adjacent two tones you can not see the difference between him, but the appraiser can be identified, we ordinary people are difficult to distinguish.
  3. Then the highest value moissanite is D colorless, because there are 23 grades, so each grade for the value of diamonds will decrease, D is the highest grade, but also the best, the purest, under normal circumstances can be divided into colorless is from D between F can be regarded as colorless, but from D to F, their value ratio dropped by 33%, if in place, the decline space can be imagined, the difference is also very large.

Summary: The above is the relevant content introduced to you about whether moissanite now has pink and what color moissanite is the best. If there are still questions about such aspects, you are welcome to continue to leave a message on the MW website, and the editor will reply to you as soon as you see it.

MW Jewelry Introduction

MW Jewelry is mainly engaged in the design and customization of moissanite jewelry. We are committed to everyone could have their own favorite high-end jewelry. Each jewelry is pure manually customized, and each detail is hand-polished to provide each customer with the most perfect jewelry.


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  1. Pink Loose Moissanite

    The appearance of moissanite is very similar to that of diamonds. The colors of synthetic moissanite are green, blue, red, yellow, pink, colorless, brown and other colors. This product is a round pink 6mm moissanite bare stone. Clean, high clarity, sparkling fire. Moissanite in the pink series represents sweetness, tenderness and innocence, represents the innocence of women, and is also more noble and elegant. Pink has always been liked by women, and pink is usually associated with femininity. The color of moissanite affects its value. Especially some advanced colors have a great impact on the value, and pink moissanite is a more beautiful color. The price of moissanite is currently about 500~1000$ for 1 carat, which is relatively favorable compared to diamonds.

    Moissanite, the chemical name is synthetic silicon carbide, the chemical composition is SiC, and it is almost colorless. Its appearance is very similar to a diamond, and it needs to be identified by observing its inclusions with a magnifying glass of at least 10 times, but the price is one-tenth of a diamond, so it is considered a good substitute for a diamond. Moissanite was originally developed and researched by the American Moissanite Company. After the patent protection expired in 2016, countries around the world began to produce Moissanite.

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