Hand-made Custom Moissanite Ring Styles

A few days ago I introduced you to the value of moissanite, presumably many friends already want to buy moissanite, but don’t worry, today I will introduce you to the style of moissanite jewelry, especially the style of rings, you must know more to know which one is suitable for you.

Classic bull head

The bullhead diamond ring is a rare classic and has a more delicate shape. The diamond ring uses a four-prong setting, a hollow design that allows the diamond to be held high, giving it a sense of grandeur and preciousness. From the side, the shape of the entire diamond ring resembles a bull’s head. This name is also based on its design.

According to your own preferences and hand shape, you can add a little design to the ring set, that is, your own bull head ring, both the luxury of diamonds, and the neutral aura similar to the square ring, this style is very helpful for women who want to enhance the influence of infectious power, adjust their own aura, and enhance their self-confidence.

Princess dream style

This simple six-jawed style is very particular about the fire of the diamond itself, and if the loose stone itself is not sparkling enough, it is difficult to highlight the rainbow princess feeling, and as we all know, good moissanite has better fire than diamond. The setting adopts a single row of diamonds, stepped arrangement, and the loose stone in the middle forms a bow-like design, which is very suitable for girls and women who want to highlight the youthful atmosphere, suitable for daily wear, versatile. Not too ostentatious, not too mediocre, quite classic and perfect.

Dream come true style

People’s life can have many dreams, all achievements obtained through time and effort are worthy of being commemorated, life needs a sense of ritual, when you reach a milestone, remember to customize a jewelry for yourself to thank yourself for not giving up.

This ring has a round design with a circle of small broken diamonds around the loose stone, representing every setback, tribulation, and every thought of giving up in life, and all of this comes together to the consummation in the middle.

Glamorous bloom style

Every woman has a unique charm, and it is fitting to express this beauty in diamonds. The center diamond is surrounded by a circle of small diamonds, expressing the praise of the charm of women, and the charm blooms like a flower.

The more important feature of this diamond ring is that it is a brilliant diamond, with a car piece supporting the main diamond and a 3x diamond. The sparkle of the main and secondary diamonds reflects each other, the ring arm is no longer monotonous, and there is an additional sparkling scenery, so that the whole ring releases the light of diamonds and shines dazzlingly.

Three lives and three lives style

Diamonds appear in the classic four-prong shape, which allows more light to be reflected and refracted on each side of the diamond, making the diamond appear particularly shiny, making the four-prong diamond ring look pleasing to the eye from all angles, giving an extra sense of nobility.

The ring’s three rings are intertwined around diamonds, representing the third life and the bond of eternal love. At the same time, the four-claw shape of the diamond also means that in the life of love and marriage, the love of two people is a more solid cornerstone, only the long-term patience and kind love can enable both parties to build a strong and warm harbor of love in the long life.

Loving embraces style

This ring, a single diamond tightly embedded in the staggered twisted arms, is like hugging the other half of the lover, wrapping the arms around her beloved, to give her wholehearted love, hugging her for a lifetime and never giving up, but also symbolizing the desire of lovers to embrace each other and love each other until they are old. The small diamonds embellished on both arms add to the overall charm of the ring.

How about, after understanding several Moissanite ring styles, do you have a little more confirmation in your heart, know which style of ring you should be suitable for, let’s teach you how to measure the size of your fingers.

Measurement method for ring size

  1. Fine line measurement method

While your girlfriend is sleeping, secretly find a thin rope or a 1-2 cm wide strip of paper, wrap around the root of the finger, not loose or tight just enough to turn, the string flat with a ruler to measure the circumference, compared to the size chart to know the size of the ring. Wrap a wide strip of paper around the finger of the ring you are wearing, mark it with a pen at the junction where the strip surrounds, and measure the circumference of the ring after laying the strip flat.

  1. Judge others by themselves

Put the ring she usually wears on her finger to a deeper point, then use a pen to mark the depth of the finger she wears, and then take it to the jewelry store to ask the store to help measure the size of the ring.

  • Third, the body description method

If you choose a diamond ring without any preparation, you can briefly explain to the clerk the thickness of your girlfriend’s fingers, body shape, etc., and you can also find a person with similar finger thickness as a reference on the spot.

Most girls wear ring numbers (Hong Kong codes) of 10-15, of which there are more No. 12 and No. 13, and slightly fatter ones may need to bring No. 14.

  1. Ring measurement method

Quietly take a ring that the other party usually wears, go to the diamond ring store, and let the staff directly measure the size of the ring.

  1. Game recording law

Or you can visually inspect when chatting and playing games, and then use some small means to calibrate, such as folding the sugar paper you have eaten into a ring for her to try on, or putting it on the pull ring of Coke, and you can also go to the hand model shop to make a hand model and so on.

Now, if you are interested in the moissanite ring style I introduced, you can click the link below to buy it, and we hope you will visit our MW moissanite store.

MW Jewelry Introduction

MW Jewelry is mainly engaged in the design and customization of moissanite jewelry. We are committed to everyone could have their own favorite high-end jewelry. Each jewelry is pure manually customized, and each detail is hand-polished to provide each customer with the most perfect jewelry.

MW jewelry metal has silver plated white gold, 14K gold, 18K gold. White gold, rose gold and yellow gold can be customized. K gold is real gold, the difference is that their gold content is different.


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