How About the MWring Moissanite Brand And Is Its Moissanite Diamonds Real

MWring moissanite ring

MW brand belongs to Xiyuan (MW) Trading Co., Ltd. The company is mainly engaged in jewelry design and customization, mainly selling Moissanite and MW CVD diamonds jewelry. MWring is our moissanite ring brand.

All MW products are pure manually customized, and each detail is hand-polished to provide each customer with the most perfect jewelry.

MW jewelry metals are silver-plated white gold, 14K gold, 18K gold. White, rose and yellow gold are all customized. Karat gold is real gold, the difference is that they have different gold content.

MW silver-plated gold is made of sterling silver, not alloy, not copper. To ensure more stability and shine, we use PVD technology to plate a layer of white gold.

The physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology we use is to use the physical deposition phenomenon in a vacuum environment, and through magnetron sputtering technology, the specific color of the precious metal target is separated into a sub-state, so that it is melted, atomized and cooled. The conductive product is uniformly and completely adsorbed on the surface, forming a fine, uniform and smooth new metal protective layer in the physical state.

This technology can make jewelry wear-resistant, not afraid of scratches, bright color, not afraid of tarnishing, natural and comfortable, and enduring.

There are many low-priced “karat gold” products on the market, but gold is the most precious metal. How could the price of real gold be so low? This makes us have to go into more details. When we order gold products, we first need to confirm the gold content and its weight. In this way, we can identify a lot of fake karat gold. These fake karat gold are usually mixed with low content gold into alloy rings and pretended to be gold using other cheap metals. If we buy such a fake ring, we will not only lose money, but also hurt our fingers because of these cheap metals.

MW K-Gold products are real gold. Our gold rings weigh no less than 4.0 grams. In general, K-Gold is about 6.0g.

The gold portion of 14K gold is 58.3%, and the gold portion of 18K gold is 75.0%. We use enough gold to ensure that each piece of karat gold is weighty and comfortable to wear. Buy the most gold at the lowest price.

MW CVD diamond is also a hard stone. It is a laboratory-created high-carbon gemstone. By absorbing the advantages of PVD technology to improve CVD synthesis technology, MW CVD diamond is more stable and shiny. It is a diamond simulant, not cubic zircon, and has a hardness ranking of 9.0. Its RI of 2.27 – 2.31 is lower than moissanite. But because it contains carbon, it also has a very beautiful fire color and high brightness. It cannot pass the diamond test. Since it is impossible to pass the diamond test, only the product quality certificate is certified.

MW is committed to making high-end jewelry for everyone. MW products come with a lifetime warranty. If our products are accidentally damaged, we provide free repair service.

MW is a professional moissanite jewelry brand with excellent corporate culture. MW Moissanite is not diamond imitator. In other words, moissanite is a stone in its own right that just happens to look like diamonds. A high quality, well set piece of MW moissanite jewelry is as classy and sophisticated as any other gemstone. MWring is the moissanite ring brand and supports custom.

How is MWring moissanite and is it affordable? Are its gemstones real? MWring uses high-purity moissanite and strives to select every good diamond for its customers. MWring Moissanite diamond ring supports customization, customers can customize their own moissanite diamond ring according to different preferences, welcome to purchase MWring (15% OFF USE CODE: GGA15) Moissanite diamond ring.

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