How Does A Moissanite Necklace Look Good?

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Moissanite is gorgeous, and wearing a necklace can attract the attention of countless others. So how to match moissanite necklaces to enhance temperament and highlight distinctive fashion? What are the criteria for choosing the right moissanite necklace for yourself?

In fact, how to match the moissanite necklace, you should choose according to your own body shape and face shape, and the following will be introduced for you.

  1. Women with a petite body and a round face should choose a flexible or slender necklace style. This type of style creates an overall elongation effect, making people look tall and elegant than the actual body.
  1. Women who are tall and fat can choose some necklace styles with a sense of design and size, and avoid choosing short and small styles. The most important thing for moissanite necklaces is to conform to your own body shape, and you should pay attention to whether the necklace is in harmony with your own matching.
  1. Women with a well-proportioned body and a slender neck can choose a slightly more complex design or a slightly fancy single pendant. The advantage of this style is that it can draw attention to the neck of the wearer, making the necklace more prominent.
  1. Women with round faces can choose a moissanite necklace with a sense of drape, or wear it with hanging earrings, which can play a role in lengthening the face. Be careful not to wear very small earrings or necklaces with very small pendants, which will make the entire face look smaller.
  1. Women with square faces can choose round moissanite jewelry to ease the edges, such as medium round or fan-shaped earrings, and necklaces should choose styles with a certain width. But don’t choose square jewelry or long earrings with swings, so as not to make your face appear wider.
  1. In addition, moissanite jewelry should also pay attention to the matching with other jewelry and clothing, and pay attention to the consistency of matching style. For example, for more formal and classical clothing, you can consider wearing a gorgeous moissanite necklace; General casual clothing can be paired with a fashionable and simple moissanite necklace.

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Only a piece of moissanite jewelry that suits you and perfectly matches your outfit can play its best role and make you the center of the crowd, so ladies who love beauty should know more about matching skills and let moissanite shine brightly around your neck!


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