How Moissanite Is Made

How is moissanite formed or created? Moissanite is formed during the thermal growth of silicon carbide. We know that moissanite is divided into two categories: natural moissanite and artificial moissanite. Natural moissanite is extremely rare in the earth’s environment and can only be used as a mineral for scientific research; The cultivated moissanite relies on modern technology and is manufactured in an artificial environment, and the output is more than that of natural moissanite, but the quality control still needs to be improved. Most of the moissanite sold on the market today is artificially cultivated.

How Moissanite Is Made / How is natural moissanite formed?
How Moissanite Is Created / How is artificial moissanite cultivated?

How is natural moissanite formed?

Natural moissanite needs silicon and carbon elements to form under high temperature, high pressure and shock environment. The earliest natural moissanite was discovered in a crater by the French Nobel laureate Dr. Moissanite. Because the conditions for forming moissanite are too harsh, the content of moissanite in nature is very rare, much lower than that of diamonds! Therefore, natural moissanite is difficult to use as a gemstone in jewelry.

How is artificial moissanite cultivated?  

Artificial moissanite is slowly cultivated by using a small amount of natural moissanite as a “seed” and simulating pressure, high temperature and impact on the moissanite “seed” in a modern technology laboratory. The Moissanite cultivated in the laboratory has the same characteristics as the natural Moissanite, and is widely used in industry. Most of the artificial Moissanite with ordinary color are used as industrial stones.  

The moissanite used in jewelry processing is carefully selected from artificial moissanite. These moissanites must be identified through multiple processes and meet the relevant conditions for moissanite used as jewelry: the 4C standards of fire, clarity, color and carat. Due to strict standards, the number of artificial moissanite that can be used as jewelry is rare, and each one is precious. In particular, large carat moissanite is extremely difficult to form, and its quantity is extremely rare, so it is still in short supply in the market. Therefore, when you buy a high-quality moissanite, you should be proud, because it is really hard to come by.

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