How Much Does A Two-carat Synthetic Moissanite Cost

Natural diamonds are very expensive, synthetic moissanite as a substitute for diamonds has become more and more popular, after all, every woman has a carat dream, but not everyone is willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy diamonds, and synthetic moissanite stone, which is very close to diamonds in appearance, as long as the price of natural diamonds is one percent, easily realize the carat dream, and even two-carat diamonds. The following content is Xiaobian to introduce to you about how much is the price of two-carat synthetic moissanite, and how much is the latest 2-carat synthetic moissanite price in 2022

At present, the common synthetic moissanite on the market is not natural, but through the synthetic silicon carbide as the composition of artificially cultivated gemstones, because synthetic moissanite and diamonds are similar, the hardness is very high, the degree of fire even exceeds ordinary diamonds and other synthetic diamonds, it can be said that it is the perfect diamond substitute, one carat and two carat synthetic moissanite is not expensive, loose diamonds are only hundreds, anyone can easily have.

How much does two carats of synthetic moissanite cost

The price of 2 carats of synthetic moissanite is not expensive, the price of one carat of synthetic moissanite in 2020 is only three or five hundred yuan, and in 2022 it will be a little lower than last year, the price of one carat is only two or three hundred yuan, and two carats are six or seven hundred yuan, basically DEF color, VVS clarity, the price of one carat synthetic moissanite on the market is two or three hundred, and some are sold more than one thousand and two thousand, this artificial gemstone is too expensive to buy, there is no possibility of appreciation. The price of a synthetic moissanite ring is also added to the cost of the inlay material, for example, the cost of 18K gold may be higher than that of synthetic moissanite. The price of one carat of diamonds may be 20,000 yuan for average quality, and the price of a carat of good diamond quality is tens of thousands of pieces. In contrast, the price of synthetic moissanite is much cheaper, but it should be reminded that synthetic moissanite is synthetic, and synthetic moissanite has no collection value, but it is still okay to wear it when worn as an ornament.

How big is 2 carat synthetic moissanite

The unit of measurement of synthetic moissanite is carat, one carat is equal to 0.2 grams, then 2 carats are 0.4 grams, that is, 400 milligrams. One carat of synthetic moissanite is about 6.49 mm in diameter. But a 2 carat diamond is not simply multiplied by 2 on a 1 carat basis, because it is expanding as the whole is expanding, it is getting larger in diameter and larger in height, 2 carat synthetic moissanite It has a diameter of 8.2 mm and a height of 4.9 mm. From the visual effect, it is slightly larger than the average soybean we see, presumably you can more intuitively feel how big the 2-carat diamond ring is. Therefore, visually, the size of two carats of synthetic moissanite is not twice that of a carat.

Generally, slender hands wearing 2-carat diamond rings are enough, so that they will not appear very obtrusive, but at the same time, they can also reflect their temperament, so it is not that the bigger the diamond ring to pick, the better, what suits you is good, and you can decide according to your own economic conditions.


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