How Much Is A Carat Of Moissanite Diamonds

The brilliance of diamonds is the most dazzling, but although many people think diamonds are beautiful, the price is also the most desirable. As a result, a kind of artificial diamond called moissanite diamond appeared, with similar appearance and much lower price than diamond, which prompted some customers to like it. Do you know the price per carat of moissanite diamonds? Let’s take a look at the moissanite diamond.

Price of one carat of moissanite

Moissanite is an artificial diamond, so its price is much lower than that of natural diamonds, but the price of one carat of moissanite is not fixed. According to the 4C standard of diamonds, there will be different prices. The price of a carat of moissanite diamonds is about US $100-200, the price of lower quality moissanite diamonds is US $100-200, and the price of higher quality moissanite diamonds is US $500-600.

Moissanite stone price reference

Like diamonds, the price of the moissanite diamond depends on its quality. The higher the quality of 4C, the higher the price. The price of high-quality moissanite diamonds is one tenth of that of diamonds, usually between 400 and 1000$.

The ordinary price is naturally cheaper. It can be bought from 200 to 300$. However, the cost performance of a mullite at this price is relatively low. It is better to buy a crystal at the same price.


The difference between moissanite and diamond

(1) The specific gravity of mullite is smaller than that of diamond

The specific gravity of moissanite and diamond is different. The specific gravity of mossanite is 3.22 and the specific gravity of diamond is 3.52. Therefore, moissanite is lighter than diamond, and the two can be well distinguished with specific gravity solution (3.32). The diamond sinks at the bottom and the moissanite floats above.

(2) Diamond is harder

Diamond is the hardest stone in the world, so even if you use a hardness tester to cut, it will not leave scratches on the surface. But the moissanite is not. The hardness tester will leave scratches on the surface of the moissanite.

(3) Different polishing lines

The diamond polishing process needs to constantly adjust the direction, but the moissanite does not need, so there is a big difference between the two polishing particles. The moissanite polishing particles are parallel to each other, especially the adjacent cutting is very obvious.

(4) Conductivity

Moissanite is conductive, while diamond is not, so the two can be distinguished by conductivity meter.


We thinks that after knowing the price of a carat of moissante diamond and its difference from diamonds, although he knows that the appearance of moissanite diamond is similar to that of diamonds, its essence is not as good as diamonds. After all, diamonds are representatives of unswerving feelings!


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