How To Buy A Moissanite Necklace

Some friends said, before just saying that moissanite is good, so how to buy it, how to choose it? Since the question has been raised, I will try to give friends some suggestions as a purchase reference, so today I will summarize a few more practical tips for buying moissanite necklaces. Okay, then no more nonsense, let’s get started.

What style of moissanite necklace looks good?

◆Look at the shape of the face
Buying a moissanite necklace is definitely to make yourself look good when wearing it, so be sure to choose a moissanite necklace that suits your facial features. In general, the goose-egg-shaped face is basically unrestricted, suitable for any shape of women’s moissanite necklace, and it looks good to wear. Why, because the goose egg-shaped face is a beautiful face, and the beauty face shape is naturally taboo.
If you have a round face, you should choose a women’s moissanite necklace that has the feeling of elongating the face. They are more suitable for long necklaces or T-shaped necklaces. Never choose a thick women’s moissanite necklace or a short necklace, and do not wear large gemstones or pearls, which will make the face appear rounder and larger. And temperamentally speaking, it will also look tacky.
If it is an oval face or a more slender face, it is more suitable for a slightly thicker women’s moissanite necklace. Because thick necklaces can make the longitudinal length of the oval face look shorter.
If it is a triangular face, or an angular face, you can choose a more eye-catching women’s moissanite necklace or a women’s moissanite necklace with soft lines to weaken the facial angles. You must not wear the kind of women’s moissanite necklace with a very pointed bottom, which will make your corners and lines harder, very masculine.

►To sum up: goose face casual, round face long necklace, long face thick necklace, angular face must be round lines.

◆Look at the neck
After looking at the face, you have to look at the neck, and the characteristics of the neck are also the key to choosing a necklace, because the necklace still has to be worn on the neck. People with long necks should choose a moissanite necklace with large and short grains, so that it occupies a certain position on the neck, which visually reduces the length of the neck. Don’t wear a long necklace with a long neck, which may make you look like a giraffe, which is definitely not the effect of a swan’s neck. And people with short necks should choose a moissanite necklace with small and long particles, but it should not be too long, more chest is almost the same, don’t grow to the stomach in one breath, that’s too much.

◆Buy simple, solid moissanite necklace styles

When choosing moissanite necklaces, many people only like beautiful and novel styles, and do not like to choose traditional or simple, because they always feel that traditional styles are too vulgar, and simple styles are easy to be the same as others. But we should pay attention to a problem, moissanite is very soft, many fashionable and beautiful necklaces are hollow, so in daily wear, a slight negligence will cause the necklace to deform or even break.
Therefore, even if you buy Chow Tai Fook’s heritage series, there are still many friends who say that it is too easy to deform. Hollow is one of the reasons for this, so if you want to wear it for a long time, it is recommended to buy a simple and solid moissanite necklace style. Of course, I also know that solid ones are more expensive, but we can buy smaller ones.

◆Buy moissanite necklace styles with few solder joints

One reason is that the position of the solder joint is often a place where problems are more likely to occur, and fewer solder joints will not have so many problems in the process of wearing.
Another reason is that merchants have been using fusion solder when making moissanite jewelry, which is very common, but the use of fusion solder has caused the overall gold content of jewelry to decrease. Therefore, the amount of fusion solder used also determines the overall purity and value of the purchase of jewelry to a certain extent, if you want a gold necklace with high purity and high value, it is better to choose a gold necklace with fewer solder joints or even no welding when choosing a gold necklace, so as to ensure the value of the necklace.

◆Buy moissanite necklaces that are easy to clean and maintain

Many necklaces are made with complex craftsmanship and often many hollow designs. Although such a necklace is very beautiful, many dirty things are also very easy to get stuck in it, and how to clean and maintain it has become a very headache. We don’t have that much time to go to the mall to clean the necklace, and more often we solve it at home. Therefore, it is better to buy a style that is easy to clean and maintain. Of course, if friends with a lot of time ignore this.

Finally, to summarize a sentence for friends: look at the face, look at the neck, simple and solid is better, solder joints are better, easy to wash and good maintenance is better. The above is what I have sorted out for you about how to buy moissanite necklace, how to choose, look here, it will tell you the information, if you know more about moissanite, please pay attention to our official website, we are waiting for your visit. If you need to buy moissanite jewelry, you can contact our customer service sister directly, she will provide you with a lot of professional advice to help you choose a more suitable moissanite jewelry ~~


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