Moissanite How Long Does It Last

Moissanite can be worn all the time without a fixed number of years. Because moissanite is a man-made diamond, it is a single crystal gemstone like diamonds and has very stable properties. It is difficult to distinguish between moissanite and diamond, and when moissanite and diamond are viewed under light at the same time, moissanite has a more stunning fire effect and will look more sparkling and bright.

In fact, moissanite is a kind of man-made diamond, moissanite whether it is the structure or appearance of real diamonds is very similar, but similarity does not mean the same. Now moissanite is also very common on the market, and we can actually wear moissanite all the time, moissanite is also a single crystal gemstone, relatively speaking, it also has a relatively stable property, which is not much different from real diamonds.

Moissanite Can Lasts Forever

Of course, there is still a difference between Moissanite and what we call natural diamonds. For example, the hardness of the two is different. Generally, the hardness of Moissanite must be lower than that of diamonds. The hardness of Moissanite itself is 9.25, although this value is lower than that of natural diamonds, it is actually a relatively hard substance, so under normal circumstances, moissanite will not be destroyed by other things. And no matter how long we wear it, there will be no fading or fading. Because moissanite has a relatively high hardness, it can be preserved for a long time.

Chemical Properties of Moissanite

Moissanite is also very stable chemically. It is resistant to high temperatures and will not degrade or discolor over time. This makes it an excellent choice for use in jewelry, as it will maintain its beauty for years to come. Additionally, moissanite is not affected by exposure to sunlight, so you don’t have to worry about it fading or yellowing over time.

Cleaning Moissanite

One of the great things about moissanite is that it is easy to clean. You can clean moissanite in the same way that you clean diamond, using a mild soap and water solution or a jewelry cleaning solution. It is important to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as these can scratch the surface of the stone.

Wear and Tear of Moissanite

Like any gemstone, moissanite can become scratched over time with regular wear. However, it is much more resistant to scratches than other popular gemstones, so it will take longer for visible wear and tear to occur. If you do notice scratches on your moissanite, it is possible to have it polished to restore its shine and smooth surface.


In conclusion, moissanite is a very durable and long-lasting gemstone. It is resistant to scratches and discoloration and will maintain its beauty over time. If you’re considering moissanite as an alternative to diamond, you can feel confident that it will last for years to come with proper care and maintenance.

However, Moissanite diamonds are as lipophilic as diamonds, and are easily stained with oil. After a long time, the surface luster of Moissanite diamonds will be dull. At this time, it only needs cleaning and care to restore the luster.

Refurbished every 3-6 months, Moissanite will be restored to original condition. It can be seen that Moissanite can be worn forever.


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