Ten Reasons to Choose Moissanite Gemstone

Moissanite is a real gemstone, compared to natural gemstones, in addition to the price and fire comparable to diamonds, in terms of environmental protection and sustainable and orderly development of society, there are also reasons for you to choose to support the purchase of moissanite.

₯: Sustainable development, protection of the surface environment

Any exploitation is harmful to the environment. Natural gemstones are buried hundreds of kilometers deep on the surface, mining requires heavy machinery to extract, requires a large amount of fossil fuels, mining production will lead to land subsidence, groundwater leakage, chemical wastewater pollution and other corresponding ecological problems. Compared to mining gemstones, moissanite is really much less harmful to the environment. Lab-grown gemstones require a fraction of the energy and are not enough to contaminate the fragile ecosystems in rivers and lakes. For example, diamonds need only two main components: carbon and electricity. Today, efficient producers produce 1 carat of diamonds with only about 250kWh of electricity, which is about the same amount of electricity the average household consumes each month.

₯: Moissanite avoids social problems such as child labor and violence

Mining can cause serious accidents such as fires, explosions or collapses of mine tunnels, which affect miners and residents living in and near mining areas. In addition, the health of local people is also threatened by mining waste and chemicals remaining in the soil and water.

The gap between rich and poor caused by mining is widening rapidly, often accompanied by violence, abuse, and even conflicts such as competition for resources. In contrast, moissanite cultivation is more ethical, and there are no social problems such as child labor, abuse, and violence

₯: Moissanite is a real gemstone and each one is unique

Moissanite is a genuine gemstone that has the same chemical, physical properties and light quality as natural gemstones. Even in 2018, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) redefined diamonds and no longer used the term “natural” to define “diamonds”.

Moissanite, like natural gemstones, is unique to each one. Scientists bring gemstones into the lab to use uniform recipes, but each gemstone is still formed in its own unique way, with different tiny fluctuations based on manufacturing conditions. These small differences are invisible to the naked eye, and only trained gemologists using specialized equipment can illustrate the differences. This is also the reason why gemstones are graded.

₯: Like natural diamonds, there is a certification and grading process

Moissanite is a real gemstone, and the internationally renowned gemological institute GIA, IGI, HRD and other jewelry authoritative appraisal institutions can all certify laboratory-grown gemstones. The GIA Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading Report, which contains the same information as the GIA Diamond Grading Report for natural diamonds, assessed according to the 4Cs. Certified lab-grown gemstones are marked with a certificate number on the waistband of the lab-grown gemstone using laser lettering and declare that the gemstone was lab-grown.

₯: Better quality and purity

Moissanite uses the traditional diamond grading method, which is often referred to as the globally recognized carat weight, color grade, clarity grade and cut grade, the 4Cs of diamond quality.

Moissanite size is determined by the length of time it has been cultivated, and with the development of technology, it is easy to obtain larger carat gemstones.

Cut refers to the precision and quality of the method used to cut and polish a diamond from its original condition. Remember the sixteen hearts and sixteen arrows that the editor gave everyone Amway before? Exceptional cutting and polishing work brings bright reflections of light that accentuate the beauty of the ring.

Color and clarity, simply put, the purer, brighter and whiter moissanite, the better the quality. Lab-grown gemstones have fewer defects and less changes in crystal structure than diamonds grown in surface soil. GH high-purity grade diamonds can be grown in bulk in laboratories of excellence, while less than 2% of mined diamonds achieve the coveted GH-type purity grade.

₯: Enjoy lower spending budgets at low cost

Similar to mined diamonds, lab-grown moissanite is priced according to its 4Cs. Moissanite typically retails for 30-40% less than natural gemstones of the same size and quality, meaning you can control your budget by growing bigger, better diamonds in the lab.

For example, for the cost of a 1.5 gram natural diamond engagement ring, you can buy a 2.0 to 2.5 carat lab-grown diamond of the same quality. With less spending, you’ll also be able to use your extra money to buy other gifts or enjoy a more romantic honeymoon.

₯: Personalization, express yourself with gemstones

The low cost and mass production of moissanite give designers and consumers the possibility to further realize their wishes. Designers and craftsmen are happy to create unique bespoke products that meet the needs of consumers and diversify their personalities.

What’s more surprising is that with the advancement of science and technology, just in the growth process, add trace elements and ratios, we can make orange diamonds or purple diamonds. The rare beauty of gemstones is finally suitable for everyone, please yourself with more favorite color expressions, and enrich life.

₯: Mark meaningful moments in life

Birthdays, graduations, promotions, marriages… Many memorable moments in life are worth expressing with actions and imprinted with gifts. Gemstones are suitable for celebrating all the important moments in life, sharing them with others or spending them on yourself, and they are well deservedly beautiful.

Whether it’s an academic breakthrough, a brave solo trip, or some moment that makes you feel silly, reward yourself with moissanite jewelry and encourage yourself. Lab-grown gemstones never fade or deform as you age, and they will become the perfect symbol of your life journey, even from generation to generation.

₯: Affordable, feel free to give yourself a gift

Traditionally, bracelets, pendants or rings, as a declaration of love, often come from parents or closer ones. It’s because these gifts make life so memorable, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait for someone to send them before we have them. We can also reward ourselves and encourage ourselves to do a difficult job. Moissanite is affordable and 40% less expensive than mining gemstones, and any girl can afford to buy it and wear it proudly. Recommend reading this article : https://moissanitecc.com/one-carat-moissanite-price/

₯: Online purchase mode is more convenient

Moissanite is easier to sell and buy online than mining gemstones. On the Internet, we can check enough information about moissanite to compare prices and find more fashion styles. As a consumer, you can make informed decisions and choose better products.


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