The 4 Most Popular Moissanite Rings! Do You Have Them All

I have written a lot of jewelry meanings, but I prefer this one: the ring, which represents being ordained for love, loving only one person in a lifetime.

Rings have now become a more straightforward and sincere expression of love between lovers and partners, from marriage proposals, engagements to formal marriages. Therefore, the ring is both a token of love and a symbolic symbol of marriage. Let’s take a look at 4 of the more popular moissanite rings!

※※ Fashion rose gold moissanite diamond ring ※※

18K rose gold, its romantic and warm and charming name is enough to make people move, 10,000 love words, it is better to use an 18K rose gold moisan diamond ring to impress the one you love! After the sparkling moissanese diamond jewelry and the classic and elegant platinum jewelry, 18K rose gold has become the “heart” of many fashionable people with its charming hue and unique shape! Rose gold moissanese diamond rings can also highlight the elegance and nobility of women.

※※ Classic three-stone moissanite ring ※※

The three-stone moissanite ring, as the name suggests, is a ring style with three moissanese diamonds in a row, and behind this ring, there have been countless classic and very personal loves. It is said that the three stones represent the past, present and future, as well as love, romance and promise, making this romantic gift one of the more popular forms of ring today.

It is said that the British Princess Meghan, the wedding ring is a three-stone diamond ring, the large diamond in the middle comes from Botswana (where Prince Harry proposed to Meghan), and the two small diamonds next to it use the personal jewelry of Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. Today’s young people also like to exchange two of the moissanite diamonds for colored treasures, such as red sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, etc., which are more personal and meaningful.

※※ Personalized Moissanite Diamond Ring Set ※※

Can the moissanite ring be removed or reassembled? Only you can’t think of it, no designer can’t do it. Two, three or more rings stacked together for a very cool fashion impact and full of personality! In fact, this kind of complete-wearing, detachable ring is not new, and it was already popular in Europe in the 18th century. At that time, diamonds were a very popular love treasure, this design can protect the expensive center stone in the center of the ring, and now more young people like to use moissanite diamonds instead of diamonds, firstly, because the price of moissanite diamonds is only one-tenth of diamonds, and the fire is still more brilliant than diamonds, and good quality moissanite diamonds can also be tested by a drill pen.

※※ Classic prong set moissanite diamond ring ※※

The more classic style of the moissanite diamond ring is none other than the “claw setting”. Prong-set moissanite diamond rings, the fire can be displayed from all directions, making moissanite look bigger and brighter, the shape is generous and classic and timeless, and it also fits different hand shapes to make you shine.

The three-prong setting represents the love words “I love you”, and the four-prong setting represents “once in a lifetime” love. The love I want, one you, one heart, one heart, one life! The five-prong setting means infinite love, you only need to trust each other, create with your heart, dare to love and hate can go all the way to eternity! The six prongs are set with very romantic meanings, and the six prongs symbolize responsibility, commitment, tolerance, trust, care and cherishing. The six-prong setting is a crown setting.


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  1. Why do People prefer Diamonds or Moissanite?

    […] From the chemical composition point of view, diamond and moissanite are similar, the essence of diamond is carbon, and the composition of moissanite is silicon carbide. It takes hundreds of millions of years for natural diamonds to form. After experiencing crustal movement, impurities and cracks will inevitably be carried. Moissanite diamonds are cultivated by crystals in the laboratory for 9-12 months. The color, clarity, and carat number can be precisely controlled. The purity of the crystals is clear and shiny, which makes up for the lack of natural diamonds. If you want to know more, please read The 4 Most Popular Moissanite Rings […]

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