Thousands Of Shapes Of Moissanite Diamond Rings, Which One Is Better For Your Hand

I believe that many friends who like moissanite are really very fond of moissanite. But with the continuous development of moissan’s cutting technology, the special-shaped moissanite on the market is really eye-catching. Therefore, we must choose a style that we like more to accompany our beautiful jewelry every day.

NO1: Round cut

Popular models are more conservative, classic and safer

What we often call brilliant cutting actually refers to round cutting. As the more popular and common moissan, it is also a safer choice, and you can dress in any style. The large and bright round diamond ring has already attracted the hearts of a large number of girls with light.

NO2: Heart-shaped cut

Stir the heart of a girl

The shape of the peach heart alone is enough to touch the girl’s heart, and then made of moissan, who sees who loves. Imagine when a lover kneels on one knee with a heart-shaped moissanite-shaped diamond ring in her hand, and probably even in winter, there is a warm breeze. Not only that, the heart-shaped cutting ratio can show the brilliance of the moissanite, and the sweeter shape is more suitable for romantic girls.

NO3: Oval cut

The independent oval is domineering

The oval cut can really be described as one of the more domineering in the moissanite diamond cutting, which not only retains the bright brilliance of the round moissanite, but also exaggerates the shape design, and uses a larger area of moissanite diamonds to interpret more light, personality and domineering.

NO4: Pear-shaped cut

Tender as a beautiful lady of water

Although it is named “pear-shaped cut”, it is actually more like a drop shape. Hydrated girls wear this diamond ring to double the moisture, flowing long hair with teardrop-shaped brilliant moissanite, turning into a gentle and beautiful girl in a second.

NO5: Emerald cutting

A more direct show of affection

The emerald cut, derived from the structure of emerald gemstones, is often presented in a stepped shape, and the large-scale cut not only reflects the luster of the moissanite, but also shows the unique square charm.


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