Two Ways To Detect Real And Fake Moissanite Diamonds

Diamond rings seem to be the preferred choice of most young people, but the high price of diamonds also makes many people uncomfortable. But with the continuous advancement of technology, moissanite has come into our field of vision, which is very similar in appearance to diamonds, and moissanite diamonds are also newcomer gemstones that have stood the test of time and are more dazzling and fashionable than diamonds. But the jewelry market is mixed, people who don’t know about moissanite still don’t know how to choose, below I will teach you a few ways to detect real and fake moissanite.

Moissanite, also known as silicon carbide, is a gem that has been artificially cultivated for up to six months. Its brightness and refractive index are higher than diamonds, and it is a more shiny gem in the world. Its fire color is 2.5 times that of diamonds, and its hardness is up to 9.25, second only to diamonds. The quality of the moissanite diamond can keep its brightness and purity when it is worn normally. The characteristics of the fire color remain unchanged, without poison or fading.

►: How moissanite should detect authenticity

The authentic Moissan-diamond ring has a thick appearance, made of 18K gold and is designed with artificial intelligence, which is more suitable for fingers; Counterfeit moissanite rings are thin, plated with silver and thin karat gold, which is easy to deform after a while. The certificates of genuine Moissanese diamonds are all authoritatively identified, and all data is clear at a glance; The certificates of counterfeit moissanese diamonds are varied and uneven, the data is fraudulent, and the writing and printing are not standardized.

►: How coated zircon and moissanite should be distinguished

Draw a line with a black carbon pen on white paper, the plane is down, the tip is up, the real moisan and diamond can not see the line, zircon and other because of the relationship between the internal refraction of the crystal is to see the black curve, the coating is mainly coated with a moissanese film on the surface of the zircon, the side is generally absent, you can use the drill pen to measure the side of the facet. Finally, I recommend moissanite that cannot be bought at a price that is too unreasonable. Dozens of moissanite, more than 100 moissanite. Remember, too low a price must be abnormal, the market price of more than two hundred and three things plus dozens of rings, can sell you a hundred and dozen, anyway, I don’t believe it.

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