What Are The Advantages Of Moissanite That Rival Diamonds

As a rising star in the gemstone world, moissanite is not at all lost to diamonds. The difference between moissanite and diamonds has always been more difficult to identify with the naked eye in the industry, so some people even think that moissanite is a better choice than diamonds, which may be the reason why moissanite has long been very deep in people’s eyes. Below I will analyze with you what advantages moissanite has compared to diamonds.

▓: What moissanite and diamonds have in common

They are colorless and transparent, with a hardness of up to 9.25 on the Mohs scale (10 on the Mohs scale for diamonds) and a high refractive index of 2.65 (2.41 for diamonds). When a moissanite is polished, it becomes a very sparkling moissanite diamond, which is indistinguishable from the diamond in appearance. At first glance, moissan’s and diamonds are indistinguishable, not even instruments, but a closer look reveals that moissan’s colorful fire is stronger than diamonds. The brilliance of diamonds is also called “fire”, which can reflect a variety of colorful and bizarre colors, especially soft and cool blue light, which is the result of diamond dispersion. The fire must meet two conditions: first, the gem material must have a sufficiently high “dispersion” value, and second, the material must follow a certain angle and proportion in processing, which varies from material to material. From the picture, we can clearly see that moissanite has a better fire than diamond.

▓: Why moissanite is a better choice than diamond

►1: An engagement or wedding ring has sentimental value, not asset or investment value. Wedding rings have only two functions:

(1): It looks beautiful

(2): As a witness of happiness in love

Therefore, we need to achieve better results with lower costs, and we need more cost-effective rings, and moissanite from the price, beauty is completely beyond diamonds, durability and diamonds are similar, then moissanite is much more cost-effective.

►2: All moissanite is perfect, because moissanite is produced in the laboratory, the quality can be easily controlled, and defective products can be found in time for sealing and discarding. But diamonds that dig deep into the deposit and dig into the ground are found to be flawed and impossible to discard, which means that the moissanite you buy will be of better quality than expensive diamonds.

►3: Spending less means that the money saved can be used in your favorite places, such as watching a concert, changing a new mobile phone, signing up for a fitness class or a yoga class, moissanite is relatively low, so that you can have more choices, do not have to save money to buy a diamond ring, and the quality of life has improved sharply.

►4: Moissanite doesn’t have to worry about whether it will be seen as not a diamond, I show moissanite to my friends, they will 100% think that it is a diamond, and it is a very good quality diamond, because seeing moissanite that the fire is very shining, there is no one who does not think that it is a diamond.

►5: You can rest assured that your hard-earned money is not a warlord who funds Africa, and you will not dream at night of rivers of blood flowing for supporting innocent civilians.

►6: You can buy more general jewelry for less money, moissanite costs only one-tenth of the price, and custom styles of diamonds are famous for sky-high prices, and custom styles are not out of reach in moissanite’s opinion. Designing a diamond ring that suits your wife’s temperament will warm up your relationship a lot.

Editor’s note: The above is the information I have compiled for you about the advantages of moissanite comparable to diamonds, if you know more about moissanite, please pay attention to our official website, we are waiting for your visit. If you need to buy moissanite jewelry, you can contact our customer service sister directly, she will provide you with a lot of professional advice to help you choose a more suitable moissanite jewelry ~~


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