What Are The Price Factors That Affect The Moissanite Diamond Ring

Main drilling part:

First of all, the quality of the main drill is the main factor affecting the price. The quality of the main drill can be divided into crystal and cutting.


The crystal is also the original stone of silicon carbide, which is also the crystal stone before cutting and polishing. The quality of the finally cut bare mullite is determined by the quality of the crystal. The crystal is of high purity, free of impurities, transparent and white in color, and has high light transmittance. There are two kinds of domestic crystals and imported crystals.


Domestic crystals: generally produced by several domestic research institutes, they are widely used in the semiconductor industry, and only a few are used in the jewelry industry, but the market share is still high. Because the crystal growth conditions are not appropriate enough, and the crystal contains a large number of clouds, the purity is general, and the color is easy to change, so the price of such crystals is generally low, and the volume is mainly.

Imported crystals: The cultivation machine adopted is the most advanced in the world, the production equipment is relatively sophisticated, and the million level dust-free purification workshop is equipped, so that the crystals have a good growth environment, ensuring high purity, less impurities and good chemical stability. This kind of crystal is of the highest quality. The top crystals produced are often monopolized by local enterprises, and generally do not export. It is difficult for other countries to get them.


Cutting is the second life of every dazzling Mosan diamond. It requires careful cutting and processing to make it shine more brightly. This is also the perfect combination of human and technology.


Because the hardness of Mosan drill is 9.25, most of the cutting is processed by computer assisted laser mechanical processing, which can ensure the quality. But it is also mechanical cutting. There is a difference between imported and domestic equipment. Domestic equipment generally uses 4-axis CNC lathe for cutting, while imported equipment is more advanced, which is generally 8-axis. The higher the number of axes, the more precise the surface can be cut, and the better the refraction effect.

Annunciation part:

At present, the mainstream jewelry materials on the market are: platinum, K-gold, silver, etc. The most common are K-gold and silver, which have high hardness. Among them, 18K gold has high hardness, low toughness, high brightness, and is not easy to deform. Most of the international popular gold ornaments are made of 18K gold. What we need to see is the weight and gold content. Usually, 3-5 grams of an 18K gold ring care costs 1000-1500 yuan. We also need to be alert to unscrupulous merchants who sell 9K gold or 14K gold as 18K. If silver is sold for 1 gram, 27-31 yuan is low in cost. It is usually used for some low-cost accessories. The shortcoming is that the soft texture is easy to be processed into accessories, which are easy to deform, and the appearance is easy to oxidize, blacken and lose its original luster.

How can I buy a reliable Moissanite diamond?

How to choose the quality

When you buy a Moissanite diamond, you must choose the one with good quality. The most important thing we look at is the weight, color, clarity and cutting of the Moissanite diamond. These four points are also called “4C”, which is the only standard to judge the Moissanite diamond (diamond). At present, the highest level is the magic star diamond developed in Belgium. The color level has reached the highest level in the 4C standard for gemstones, namely, D color extremely white and FL/IF flawless. With Belgium’s diamond cutting technology, the magic star diamond is almost the same as the diamond in weight and shape, becoming the representative of the world’s best quality Moissanite diamond.

How to select channels

More than 92.7% of the moissanite on the market is made in China. The certificate of this stone is a paper certificate of gia, which is more authoritative. If you buy imported Moissanite diamonds in China, it is better to choose an officially authorized dealer. If you want to customize Moissanite stone jewelry (generally, returns are not supported for customization), you should understand and compare in many ways.

How to choose the price

If the price of the Moissanite diamond is far lower than the market price, it is recommended not to buy it. Generally speaking, if a good imported one carat bare stone is inlaid into a ring (18k gold ring) during the period of 400-500$, the price is between 550-650$.

If you want to buy more cost-effective moissanite diamond jewelry, it is recommended to check more reliable stores, measure 4C, price, style and other factors, and then decide whether to start.

The above is about some popular science about the price difference between domestic moissanite stone and imported moissanite diamond, which may not be comprehensive. You are welcome to correct.

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