What Is The Difference Between A Moissanite Engagement Ring And Three Golds

The times are developing, but many places still retain the saying of three golds in marriage customs, and the engagement ring and the wedding three gold are tokens that must be bought before marriage, and it is also the man’s intention to the woman, and it is generally believed that the more expensive the better. But now many young people do not understand this, often think that the engagement ring is the same as the wedding gold. The following editor will take you to understand the difference between the two.

◆ Moissanite Engagement Ring ◆

Now most young people will choose to use moissanite rings when engaged, because moissanite rings represent a promise of love, and also symbolize the protection of eternal love and the yearning for a better and happy life, and are a better token of love in girls’ hearts. And an engagement ring can also be called an “engagement ring”, which is a commitment made by the man before marriage to reflect her position in your heart. Moissanite engagement rings are mostly set in 18K gold and platinum, and the specific material and style can be determined according to the woman’s preferences.

◆ What is the three golds ◆

Sanjin is also jewelry purchased before marriage, which can be purchased directly by the man for the woman, or the man gives the woman some fees, and the woman buys it herself. The three gold on the wedding custom are usually gold rings, gold necklaces and gold bracelets, generally speaking, the heavier the weight of gold jewelry, the more important the man is to the woman, which is an auspicious meaning.

◆What is the difference between moissanite engagement ring and three golds ◆

Moissanite engagement rings and wedding gold are both wedding jewelry, and they are also the expression of the man’s heart to the woman, but there are still certain differences between the two in some aspects. First of all, in terms of material, the material of the three golds is mainly gold according to the older generation, and gold is used to make gold jewelry with beautiful meaning. Engagement rings are made of karat and platinum and set with bright moissanite.

Secondly, the difference between moissanite engagement rings and three gold is also in terms of price. The price calculation method of the two is different, the purchase of engagement rings is mainly diamond-based, the higher the quality level of moissanite, the more expensive the price, most consumers currently buy engagement rings to 30 points of diamonds, then the price is about 3,000 yuan. The price of three gold is calculated by the weight of the metal, and the heavier the gold used, the higher the price.

Moreover, the emotional meaning of moissanite engagement rings and three gold is also different, the engagement ring is more like the man’s commitment to the woman, is a more affectionate confession, using the ring to tell the woman his infinite affection, eternal and sincere. The marriage is a blessing for marriage, and I hope that the husband and wife will work together in the days to come, and be happy.

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