What’s The Price Of One Carat Moissanite Diamond

Diamonds have a special meaning for women. Many people choose diamond rings as a symbol of love when they get married. However, when choosing to buy diamonds, we must first pay attention to the price of diamonds. As one of the more popular diamond types in the past two years, what is the price of a carat of moissanite diamonds?

What is the price of a carat of moissanite diamond?

The price is from 20$~2000$. Moissanite, named after Dr. Henry Moissanite. It is also called mullite and carborundum, and its chemical name is synthetic silicon carbide. Its appearance is similar to diamond, and it is often used as a substitute for diamond. It is also a kind of gem whose physical properties are closest to natural diamonds. The market said that the magic star diamond usually refers to the Belgian magic star diamond. The Belgian magic star diamond follows the traditional diamond processing process and adopts the most advanced Belgian cutting, so it is closer to the diamond in proportion. The table top looks as deep and charming as the diamond, and will not appear white. It can be said that it is better than other imported moissanite diamonds. Compared with ordinary diamonds, the price of Moissanite diamond is relatively cheap. Generally, the price of this kind of diamond is also measured by its 4c quality, as well as the cutting, color and purity of the diamond. The higher the purity, the better the quality, the higher its price will be. On the contrary, the more the quality deviation of the Moissanite drill, its price is also low.

Judging from the market price, the price of the one carat moissanite diamond is about 100 $ to 1000 $. Generally speaking, the price of the bare stone is about 100$ or 200$. If you prefer some moissanite diamonds, the price will be about 500$ or 600$. Compared with other gemstones, this kind of diamond is really cheap. However, it can’t be said that the low price of the moissanite diamond is bad. It can only be said that the price will be different due to the different growth environments of the diamond types. The appearance of the moissanite diamond is very similar to that of the diamond. If you want to find out what is different about the moissanite diamond, you need to use at least ten times a magnifying glass to observe it to find out the differences between them. In fact, the moissanite diamond can be said to be a substitute for diamonds. These two kinds of gemstones are very similar, with similar transparency and purity. What’s the difference? It can only be said that the academic names of the two are different, and the chemical elements of the two are different, but from the appearance, they are basically the same.


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