Which Shape Of Moissanite Diamond Is Large And Cheap

As we all know, buying a diamond ring depends on its 4C level (color Colour + cut + carat weight Carat + clarity Clarity), but in fact, what we feel more intuitively is its overall shape, whether it is round, or square, or what?

When choosing, many people will have difficulty not knowing how to choose. Which shape of moissanite diamond is larger? Which is cheaper? Today, I will help you analyze the characteristics of several more common shapes of diamonds.

  1. Round: Classic

The more common diamond shape on the market is round, with more than 75% of diamonds cut round. This is a more classic style, which can be said to be a mass lover model, and it is more recognized. Standard round diamonds are cut in a way that maximizes the diamond’s fire. This is the result of precise calculations by cutters based on optical principles and is regarded as the basis of modern diamond cutting. And the round shape is decent, suitable for all occasions.

Wu Qilong used a dowry of 1.08 billion yuan and a ring of 12 million yuan to trap Liu Shishi. Their wedding ring is whether they chose round diamonds or a custom model specially created by the fourth master to DeBeers. Ying’er and Fu Xinbo’s wedding rings are also round diamonds, of course, there are many people, so I won’t list them all.

Second, pillow type: cheap

The pillow shape, also called cushion shape, is very long and is easily reminiscent of a pillow or cushion. The cushion cut has 58 facets and the fire is good. The price of special-shaped diamonds (the collective term for non-round diamonds) is usually 70%~80% of round diamonds. However, the price of a cushion diamond is only about 50% of the price of an equivalent round diamond!

This is because the pillow cut does not have four sharp corners, less loss when cutting, and large market output, etc., the price is much lower in combination. If you’re on a budget and want a big diamond, the pincushion is the perfect fit. Princess Meghan’s engagement ring is a diamond pincushion-cut ring.

Third, teardrop shape: large

The teardrop-shaped, which is actually a “pear-shaped cut”, is shaped like a crystal clear water droplet, dreamy and elegant. It is large because it has a sharp corner at one end and is longer overall. The world’s larger and more famous diamonds have been cut into a pear shape. The 530.2-carat Cullinan I, a world-famous diamond, is teardrop-shaped and set on the scepter of King George VI of England. Angelababy’s Chaumet Paris wedding ring is teardrop-shaped and looks very draped. In the year of Angelababy’s wedding, there were many fires in pear-shaped diamonds.

  1. Emerald shape: clean

In the past, emerald cutting was mainly used for emeralds. Now, many diamonds are also starting to be refined into emerald shapes. This cut requires high clarity of the gemstone, a large surface and good light transmission. A diamond that dares to cut it this way must be very clean, and the clarity of the diamond will be clear at a glance.

  1. Heart shape: romance

If you want to say which cut is more romantic, it is the heart shape. It is a combination of round and pear cutting, which has strict requirements for cutting proportion and symmetry, and it is also a shape that is more difficult to cut. Heart-shaped diamonds are full of sweet flavors, which can touch the heart of girls even more. Wu Jing and Xie Nan’s wedding ring is a romantic heart shape. In 2014, Wu Jing proposed Xie Nan with a heart-shaped diamond ring, which was extremely romantic. There are many celebrity couples in the entertainment industry who have chosen this kind of cut to get married, such as Zhu Xiaotian & Han Wenwen, Qian Yongchen & Lu Yi, Xie Na & Zhang Jie, Chen Zihan & Dai Xiangyu.

  1. Princess Shape: Elegance

The princess is delicate and elegant. At first it was prevalent on the European continent, and it was all about a beautiful story. Legend has it that when his beloved daughter was married, the king of Belgium created a unique and mysterious square diamond specifically for the princess, with four angular corners representing love, love, cherishment, and love. Therefore, the word “princess” is added to the front of the square diamond. If you want to fulfill your princess dream, consider choosing a princess square diamond ring.

  1. Marquise: personality

Marquise, also known as olive shape, is relatively rare in life and very personal. This shape allows the diamond’s carat weight to be better. The thin cut lines at the ends concentrate the diamond’s light into the center, shining with intense fire, and is known as the “queen of shapes” in modern diamonds. After 17 years of marriage, Victoria received 13 large diamond rings from David Beckham, and their first engagement ring was a 3-carat marquise. This shape of diamond is quite perfect to match with Sister-in-law.

Almost every year, some improvements appear in existing shapes, or some new types directly appear. Each shape of diamond has its own characteristics, which one to choose, according to your own budget, of course, more importantly, you must like it.


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