Why Do Moissanite Wedding Diamond Rings Wear Ring Fingers

Modern people need diamond rings in addition to hardware for marriage. The rings that also need the bride are prepared by the man, and the groom must wear them, and the specific wearing position is usually to choose the left ring finger, which is in line with international standards, because in the international common ring wearing method, the ring finger is worn to indicate marriage. Of course, in China, you can also choose the right ring finger for wearing women’s wedding rings, which is a traditional Chinese custom and is more suitable for brides who hold Chinese-style weddings. Well, I’ll tell you why the wedding diamond ring is worn on the left ring finger, hoping it will help you.

Why do wedding diamond rings wear ring fingers

The ring finger is guarded by the gods

The idea that a diamond wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand comes from ancient Rome. The ancient Romans believed that the ring finger was a finger guarded by the sun god, and wearing a ring on the ring finger, especially a diamond ring with the power of the sun, could strengthen love and make love last.

Second, the ring finger is connected to the heart

Wedding rings are worn on people’s ring fingers, because there is a blood vessel on people’s ring fingers that is connected to the heart, for lifelong lovers, bringing the wedding ring to the ring finger means that their hearts are sealed and their hearts are connected, which is recognized by most people.

Third, love games

The reasons why wedding rings should be worn on the ring finger are explained by the game:

Stretch out your hands and face each other. Bend the middle fingers downwards and against each other, so that the back of the middle finger rests back together. Then touch the other 4 fingertips of each finger. During the game, only one pair of 5 fingers is allowed to be separated at all times.

Separate your thumbs, which represent our parents. Everyone will live and die, and our parents will leave us one day.

Close your thumb and spread your index finger apart. The index finger represents brothers and sisters, who will also have their own families and will leave us.

Close your index finger and spread your little finger apart. The little finger represents the children, and when the children grow up, sooner or later they will have their own family life and will leave us.

Close your little finger and try to separate your ring finger. At this time, everyone will be surprised to find that the ring finger cannot be separated, because the ring finger represents the husband and wife and is not separated for a lifetime. Represents true love, after sticking together, eternal life is inseparable.

Wearing a moissanite diamond wedding ring on the ring finger is a common custom and is more prevalent in most countries. In addition to moissanite wedding rings, some Western countries also wear moissanite engagement rings on the ring finger, but any ring, as long as it is worn on the ring finger, represents a commitment to love.

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