Will Moissanite Diamond Lose Sparkle After Wearing Them For A Long Time?

Regarding moissanite, many people will definitely wonder if it will not sparkle after wearing it for a long time, and whether it will shine forever like a diamond. Next, this article will start the statement from the perspective of batching and cutting.

First, we understand the sparkle principle of diamonds and moissanite. Diamonds and moissanite do not emit light themselves, but they have strong light absorption. When they are manually cut, light from the outside can be concentrated and reflected by a surface. This is the physics of light and reflection, light jitter is constantly changing the path of light into the diamond, which also changes the path of the diamond reflected light, so it can produce a sparkling effect.

Among them, cutting is very important for diamonds and moissanite. First, the cut is evaluated through three aspects: polishing, symmetry and cutting. Only the perfect proportions of these three aspects can reflect the best cut. The cutting ratio of working diamonds to moissanite, especially the pavilion depth ratio and table width ratio of diamonds, determines the intensity of the light reflected and refracted by diamond jewelry, and thus determines the fire color of the diamond and moissanite rings.

If the cut is too shallow, light will escape from the bottom and the diamond’s and moissanite will be impaired in brilliance. If it is too deep, light can easily escape from the pavilion. As a result, diamonds and moissanite lose their brilliance, lose their luster, and become dull. Reduce the flame of diamonds! The polishing grade describes the smoothness of a diamond’s surface, and the symmetry grade refers to the arrangement of diamond and Mostenite facets. Poor polishing quality directly affects the optical effect of diamond and moissanite. On uneven surfaces, light is diffusely reflected, which makes diamond and moissanite cut surfaces dull and colorless and emit a cloudy or dull light. Deviations in symmetry make incident light or existing light from diamonds and moirĂ© not follow the design path. Therefore, a good diamond and moissanite must have a good cut to perfectly display their brilliance.

Everyone knows the famous saying of diamonds, “Diamonds endure, diamonds will last forever.” “This really means that the diamond can retain its luster forever. At the end of the day, this is due to its stable chemistry, which leads to almost no chemical changes on his own initiative. Carbon atoms guarantee a stable structure of the diamond. Let’s talk about moissanite. Moissanite is composed of silicon carbide, or SIC. Silicon carbide and silicon carbide are atomic crystals. All of these are covalent bond energies and stability. Therefore, it is also not prone to chemical changes that cause the stone to “yellow”, “blur” and “fade”. However, moissanite and diamonds are both lipophilic. When it is found that the gloss is not as good as before, regular maintenance is required. Maintenance and cleaning is recommended every 3-6 months. Regular maintenance makes the surface of the jewelry stain-free and lasting.

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